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Workflow: Dropshipping

Centralise your product information for easy distribution to multiple dropshipping websites.

Does this sound like you?

You manufacture and/or distribute products to businesses (dropshipping retailers) to sell online. You send your customers (dropshippers) stock sheets containing product and inventory information such as product titles, descriptions, pricing, quantities and images. Your customers (dropshippers) then load this information onto their ecommerce website to sell to the public.

When your products are purchased on your dropshippers’ websites, you are provided with the order details (including the customer’s name and address) so that you can deliver the order directly to the consumer.

Challenges you may be facing:

  • You may have many dropshippers who are constantly selling your products. They won’t have your latest stock and pricing information, which means they are at risk of overselling (or selling at the wrong price).
  • Manually re-capturing orders is hugely time consuming and prone to human error.
  • Product information is not stored in one central place.

How UFAPRO888 can help you:

  • Inventory and product information can be synced from your ERP / accounting system and then enriched on your UFAPRO888 console before being distributed to your dropshippers’ ecommerce websites for sale.
  • Once your product data is curated on your UFAPRO888 console, opening feeds to multiple dropshipping websites is easy.
  • You can decide which products are synced to which website.
  • Because your dropshippers are receiving near-live updates of stock levels, the risk of overselling becomes negligible.

In short, UFAPRO888 helps you centralise your product information for easy distribution to multiple dropshipping websites.

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Be first to know

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